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About Reiki

     Reiki is a gentle healing practice that channels universal life force energy. It returns balance to our systems on all levels–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Channeling healing energy is an ancient practice across many cultures. Reiki evolved out of those traditions and was developed as a sacred system of healing by Mikao Usui in Japan in the 19th century. Through his teachings, Reiki has been lovingly passed down and is available to us today, for whoever desires to connect with this subtle, intelligent energy of the Universe.

     Reiki treatments are deeply restorative allowing us to access layers and aspects of ourselves that are ready to be transformed or released. Reiki is especially helpful after trauma, during periods of change, and when the physical body needs realignment. Reiki sessions are appropriate for anyone at any stage of their life.

     Some of the things people say they experience are feeling lighter, that overthinking is lifted, that their emotions feel soothed and smoothed, sleeping more soundly, hyper-vigilance is replaced by a feeling of trust in the unfolding of life, and a reconnection to joy, peace and hope.



more about my practices

     I am a Reiki practitioner trained at the master level by Lisa Levine of Maha Rose. My lineage is Usui. During the height of the pandemic I gave many distance healings and grew to love this type of session as much as an in-person treatment. I align with the Reiki precepts of practicing trust, gratitude and compassion–a reverence for all beings and our human journey. I continue to be humbled by the healing Reiki brings to myself and my clients.

     My approach to Tarot honors the traditional symbolism of the cards as well as connection with Spirit and intuition. ​Readings are creative and you will gain a higher perspective. Tarot can uncover truths about ourselves or situations we haven't been able to see. Messages are always compassionate, sometimes poetic and sometimes humorous.  

     Nature has always been a great source of pleasure and inspiration for me and I have learned that she is also a vital healing partner for us. Having completed my academic studies for the incredible healing modality of Flower Essence Therapy, I am now in my clinic phase under supervision of master teacher Lindsay Fauntleroy. I look forward to sharing the benefits of this practice as I complete certification with the Flower Essence Society.

     Myth and Ritual is the name of the women’s clothing line I owned and designed for many years. It is a reference to our interconnectedness with each other, with Spirit and to Earth–how we express ourselves, the rituals we perform to call in a higher consciousness, and honoring and acknowledging everyone who came before us as we evolve. I decided to keep the name as I evolve myself. 

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