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Healing sessions are offered with the highest intentions for your well-being and evolvement. They are a way to direct light into stagnant or wounded places in your physical and energetic bodies. Readings are healing by opening you to higher perspectives and anchoring you into a pathway of Trust so that greater peace and abundance become available. Just by coming to this site you are planting a seed for transforming and evolving. Feel free to reach out with any questions on my contact page. 


Hands-on Reiki  60 minutes

Deeply restorative and nurturing, this session will leave you feeling peaceful and renewed on all levels. Most of the hour will be spent receiving Reiki, but there will be time at the beginning to share your intentions. Feedback at the conclusion can also be a powerful way to ground and close.It can be enlightening and a valuable part of your healing to put impressions into words if it is available. *Bookings for in-person sessions are arranged through email. You will be directed to the Contact Page where you can let me know if you would like your session in your home (if at a reasonable distance) or at a nearby healing center. In-person Reiki is $150.


Distance Reiki  45 minutes

Distance Reiki sessions are equally as effective as tn-person treatments. While we will be connected by Zoom it isn't necessary to have the camera on but is recommended for the beginning and end portion when we chat for a few minutes. Reiki is more easily received when you feel safe and relaxed, so have a quiet, comfortable place to lie down with any pillows or blankets that will help you gently settle. I will suggest music we can both listen to unless you prefer quiet. When I have concluded, we will have time to share any impressions that may have come up for either of us during the session. It can be enlightening and a valuable part of your healing to put these things into words if it is available. 


Tarot Reading Mini  20 minutes

Messages of clarity and insight with compassion and sometimes humor. When you feel like you are stuck, confused, or just needing confirmation, a reading will reveal the resources available to you, what you should be aware of and what are the most likely outcomes. You will be lifted to a higher perspective that will support you to envision and co-create your best path forward.


Tarot Reading  60 minutes

Go deeper to refine a question or address other areas. I will clarify using multiple decks that feel right for your reading. Don't have a specific question, we will work out one together. Some choose a general reading where I ask Spirit to show us the most important message you need to see now and shuffle the cards to see what wants to comes out. This is a way to leave room for the mysterious workings of the Universe.

Wild Scottish Stag

Oracle Reading  60 minutes

What healing messages do you need to hear right now? Oracle readings use diverse decks to build a layered message of support and guidance from the Universe and your spiritual team. They differ from Tarot readings in that there is no traditional system of meaning attached to the cards. 


Flower Essence Therapy 

Flowers are said to have the highest vibration of the plant kingdom. Flower Essences work on an energetic level that can seem magical and can be powerfully transformative.

Some things you can expect are:

- positive, subtle shifts in attitude,

- feeling and allowing new emotions,

- becoming aware of limiting patterns,

- increased courage and faith,

-synchronicities that enlighten your path, and

-deeper connection to Spirit.  

We begin by discussing your responses on a brief intake to determine which areas in your life are calling out for attention. Together we create short and long term goals for the time we will work together. I create a unique formula that resonates with these intentions and mail it to you. You will take the formula for 28 days or so and we will meet again at the 2-week and 4-week points to assess shifts and developments. 

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Thank you for visiting my site. Please see the Contact page to be in touch.

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